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Bore Alignment with ProOrbit®

System for measuring bores or aligning bearing ways.


The System offers:

  • Wireless transmission of x, y and rotation angle from the receiver
  • Automatic connection management, wireless via Bluetooth
  • Two-point, four-point or n(!)-point bore centre detection for circular fits
  • High resolution up to 1µm
  • Flexible application from 60 mm up to several meters
  • T250 laser adjustable in offset and angle!
  • Superb user interface: Practical and ergonomic
  • Colour Touchscreen UMPC, rugged and light
  • Reports and measured data can be stored on USB, W-LAN.
  • Automatic calculation of the best reference


The straightness or linearity of the bore centers is a critical issue not only for Diesel motor and compressor manufacturers but also for in ship building and machine repair. This measurement is often performed in a difficult and close environment. It is essential that the bracketing is very flexible in setup and convenient in use.

It is often useful to measure the roundness of the bore also. The ProOrbit Software was defined, field tested and modified by practitioners in the field so that it fulfills these expectations. Similarly the bracketing is unique in its practicality.


bearing ways

deep hole drilling

deep hole drilling

stern tubes

stern tubes

Alignment Packages

ProOrbit CasesProOrbit 20

ProOrbit 20

Professional Package
for Bearing Ways and Bores

Scope of package:

  • T250 Laser Source
  • R545 Laser Receiver
  • Borealign base kit with mounting tools for R545
    (separate case)
  • Borealign Kit 2 with mounting tools for T250
    (content of the base kit)
  • more several mounting tools

Mounting Accessory

mounting example

System mounting for Bearing Ways and Bores


Titel Borealign Kit

The complete system for measuring bore-holes, SP BOREALIGN, consists of several modular components. When correctly combined, the system components allow a measuring diameter range from as small as 60 mm to virtually any size diameter.


   User Guide BoreAlign Kit


Field Measurement


Over the past 20 years Status Pro has developed a great deal of experience in industrial geometrical measurement. The nature of the business is that the measurement and alignment applications are spread across a wide range of industries.

The team and qualifications: 
We have qualified industrial surveyors, mechanical engineers, vibration and alignment specialists in our service team.

Field Measurement Examples :

Messung von GeradheitStraightness
Messung von ParallelitätenParallelism
Messung der PositionierungPositioning
Messung von RechtwinkligkeitSquareness
Messung von EbenheitFlatness

Measurement Themes

Straightness Measurement


Flatness and Level Measurement

Flatness and Level

Perpendicularity Measurement


Parallelism Measurement


Interferometry with Laser



Calibration of Rotating Axes

Twist Measurements

Precision Spirit Level

Flange Measurement

Flange Measurement

Bore Alignment

Bore Alignment

Roll Parallelism

Roll Parallelism



This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website.
Other cookies will only be used with your consent. Privacy.